Clever Expandieren – eine Marke der „Leerstandslotsen Ansiedlungsmanagement LLASM GmbH“

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For expansion departments

We are your external collaborator for large expansion departments - location-independent, customized and digitalized.

What we offer
for expansion departments

Object offers

Exactly according to your search requirements


Germany-wide or in your target region


Ongoing and quality assured


On- and off-market


Fixed price instead of commission

33 Good reasons


You get a long-term partner by your side.

We work for YOU, not just anyone.

We acquire free commercial space according to your search requirements.

We canvass throughout Germany, in your target region or with a micro-location list – as you wish.

You will only receive suitable property offers for the entire contract period.

No more processing of bad or redundant property offers.

Immediate relief for your expansion department.

You pay a transparent fixed price and save a lot of money at the same time.

You design the contract according to your needs.

Depending on the tariff you choose, we will give you the 1st (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th….) acquisition commission free of charge.

We will reduce each additional deal by an additional 33%.

Even on your first policy, you save more than you pay for the full annual premium.

In addition to the savings, you will receive our service for a complete 12 months.

We are your external expansion staff – risk-free, affordable and competent.

Substitution in case of absence is guaranteed, we ensure optimal work performance.

We want to complement and support your expansion department – not replace it.

You have a fixed contact person.

From the 5th tariff onwards, you will receive your own external employee with 100% manpower.

No additional personnel costs are generated for your company.

Communicate directly and openly with us – short channels and close cooperation included.

We work transparently, fairly and customer-oriented – for you.

Our service is unique in the market.

You benefit from our many years of experience in the commercial real estate sector,

We are working for you all over Germany and are looking for the perfect real estate for you.

We have extensive networks in the market.

We are happy to expand our network according to your needs. Fast and target-oriented.

We activate all our resources for your object acquisition. Benefit from strong synergy effects.

We confidentially establish direct contact with our network.

We always keep an eye on all on- and off-market spaces and present new properties to you immediately.

Get offers exclusively and before the competition. We guarantee you protection from competition!

Numerous satisfied customers no longer want to do without our service.

We are always discreet and professional.

We are breaking new ground in the search for locations – will you join us?

The Clever Expandieren smart tariff

Our Smart Tariff is unique on the market

Book smart tariff

You conclude a service contract with us for 12 months and deposit your individual search profile. We start our object acquisition immediately.

Receive 100% work performance

Your search profile is assigned an immediate object acquisition by our experienced employees. With 100% working capacity, you will now continuously receive property offers of high quality - and also save money, time and nerves. Soon you will find a suitable rental property for expansion.

Clever expandieren

Our innovative pricing model will save you a lot of money and provide you with unlimited services. Learn more about it in our offer.

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