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Digital location analyses – simply CLEVER

We offer all our customers detailed exposés specially tailored to their needs, as well as individual location analyses with extensive characteristic data.

Digital preparation, analysis
and evaluation of sites


Specially adapted to the customer


Requirements for the site analysis are flexibly considered


We are on the road for our customers throughout Germany

Key data

Valuable key figures for the evaluation of a location

Individual assignment

Not (yet) a customer? We will be happy to make you an individual offer

Digital location analysis


Detailed exposés

We focus entirely on our customers. Detailed or just the necessary information? The customer decides what appears in the exposé and what does not. Uniformly and clearly designed – for the first impression of the new location.

Location analysis at will

Our customers are renowned companies from the retail / gastronomy / fitness sectors. Location analyses are prepared specifically according to customer requirements. This includes inspections, preparation of photo documentation, frequency analyses, and much more.


We carry out location analyses throughout Germany – regardless of whether it is the capital or a small town in the countryside. We are where the customer wants to be.

Frequency figures, catchment area and much more

Benefit from our strong cooperation partner: You would like to know how the frequency is at the new desired location? In many cities we can provide you with current frequency figures. The data facilitates location decisions and forms a sound basis for any expansion department. Comparisons with previous year’s figures, subdivision into genders and age groups are also possible.

Included for our customers, of course. Otherwise we will be pleased to make you an individual preferential offer in cooperation with our strong partner.

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