Clever Expandieren – eine Marke der „Leerstandslotsen Ansiedlungsmanagement LLASM GmbH“

Werkstättenstr. 41
51379 Leverkusen

+49 2171 7929211

Handelsblatt: Smart commercial brokers digitize retailer expansion


The brokerage firm CLEVER EXPANDIEREN is based in Leverkusen, but thanks to its use of digital tools, it is pioneering and innovative within the entire industry throughout Germany. The service provider specializes in expansive retail companies and gastronomy businesses, which it supports comprehensively in the acquisition of new store locations.

CLEVER EXPANDIEREN works on the basis of the digital concept described above – without losing sight of the service quality of the good old analogue world – from the registration of vacant or soon to become vacant spaces to the examination mechanisms and the creation of meaningful valuation documents.