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The reinvention of the real estate business

An interview in Deal Magazine with CEO Ariane Breuer of „CLEVER EXPANDIEREN“ from Leverkusen, inventor of the new business idea for commercial real estate.

Dear Ms. Breuer, your company has caused quite a stir in the industry with your search and flat rate concept. Are you using new methods in the traditional commercial real estate brokerage business?

Ariane Breuer: To be more precise, in a branch of the brokerage business. Our offer is aimed exclusively at the expansion departments of the major retailers. If you want to open new branches somewhere, you’ve come to the right place.

News about ideas that turn everything that has gone before on its head are mass-produced in editorial offices. Every day we have a flood of them in the ticker but only a few ideas are really new. Have you reinvented the wheel? What’s new about your interpretation of the brokerage business?

Ariane Breuer: We haven’t reinvented the wheel, we just use it completely differently! What is new about CLEVER EXPANDING, our service, is the direction of work, the motivation, the goal and the pricing model.

Wait a minute, that was a lot to take in. One at a time, please.

To view the full article in „DEAL MAGAZINE“ ( 08.11.2019):