Clever Expandieren – eine Marke der „Leerstandslotsen Ansiedlungsmanagement LLASM GmbH“

Werkstättenstr. 41
51379 Leverkusen

+49 2171 7929211

New business model in the commercial real estate sector

The brokerage principle does not apply to the brokerage of commercial real estate. The company CLEVER EXPANDIEREN from Leverkusen makes use of this and arranges shop premises and commercial spaces commission-free for tenants and landlords. Germany-wide.

The re-letting of vacant commercial space and shop premises is often complicated for the owners. The market is complex, the legal situation often opaque, and the demand for space is falling due to the growing online market. But a legally secure and long-term re-letting is usually existential for the owners.

„The classic broker likes to take a success commission of up to 4.0 monthly rents“ tells CEO Ariane Breuer of CLEVER EXPANDIEREN. „The area is offered everywhere and to everyone and thus decreases in value. We say to it, it is burned on the market“. The quality of the tenants is a secondary consideration.

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